Choose the right lubricant

Published : 2017-09-19 12:19:15
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Choose the right lubricant

How do you choose the best lubricant? 

Many couples use a lubricant when having sex. That's because it has a number of benefits. For instance it'll make a woman's vagina a bit more moist so it becomes easier to penetrate her. Also stimulating lubricants make sex even more intense. Nowadays (online) sex shops offer a wide variety of lubricants. At you can find a lot of different types of lubricants. But how do you choose the product that's best for you.

Wide variety of lubricants

The large selection could cause that you don't see the forest from the trees anymore. Already at you will find silicone lubricants, water-based lubricants and stimulating and lubricating lubricants. Then we're not even talking about lubricants for anal use, or the orgasm retardant ones. One tip is to purchase a water based lubricant. They usually don't cause irritation or leave stains in bed. Good to know! In addition, you can easily combine it with condoms and sex toys. Silicone-based lubricants are also very popular. It has about the same effect as water-based lubricant. You can choose from 50 and 100 milliliter bottles.

Water or silicone based lubricants

Also the price plays an important role when selecting lubricants. Most people choose a water based lubricant since it's usually a bit cheaper than its silicone based counterpart. The latter lubricant is slightly more expensive because you need less of it. The disadvantage of silicone lubricant is that you can't combine it with any sex toys or condoms. You're especially at risk with polyurethane condoms. Chances are that you damage the condom with this lubricant. It's recommended to be well informed about this lubricant, and how you can use it in combination with other products.

Combination with condoms

A water based lubricant in combination with a condom usually goes well together. However, be more cautious with other lubricants. The oil can cause the latex condom to tear. So always be as careful as possible and inform yourself well about the product. In case you have any questions you could also ask your doctor or pharmacist. Whatever the case may be, always go for quality. In the product range of DokterLifestyle you'll only find lubricants by the best brands.

Intense sex

Lubricants are usually used to make a woman's vagina more moisturizing. Not being able to get moist enough is an issue for many women. It impedes sex significantly because penetrating can be painful. In addition, doubts may arise whether or not a woman is aroused enough. Luckily, lubricants offer a solution. The only thing you need to do is to apply a bit of lubricant to the tip of your finger and put in the vagina. Nowadays there are even stimulating lubricants available. This means there are products that contain special ingredients to make sex even more intense. They provide a warming or tingling sensation during sex.

An even better sex life

Lubricant is the perfect product to boost your sex life. The vagina is more moist, so there is no more pain during penetration. In addition, a little lubricant when masturbating is very exciting. A lubricant is also very suitable for oral or anal sex. Keep in mind that almost every lubricant has a flavor during oral sex.

Always convenient to have

Lubricants are worth a try for every couple. Of course you can always try to have sex without the product. Who knows, it could work great too. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to have this product in yournight stand. Try to discover with your partner what you find best. A great and satisfying sex life isvery important!