Enjoy sex with lubricants

Published : 2017-08-19 12:22:47
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Enjoy sex with lubricants

Enjoy sex with lubricants: the benefits at a glance

You can even have more fun in bed in various ways. For example, what about lubricants? For both men and women this is really arousing. Furthermore, it makes it a lot more pleasant for women who have a hard time getting moist. All the advantages of lubricants in a nutshell.

The use of lubricants

Research has shown that about 1 in 3 people feel pain during sex. This varies from a little pain, for example during penetration, to very painful. For some women, the pain makes it even impossible to enjoy sex. Who knows, you may have experienced this yourself. In that case, the use of lubricants may be a good idea. For most couples, this product increases the pleasure in bed. It not only makes the vagina, but also the condom a bit more moist. As a result, women experience more friction, which feels very nice. In addition, nowadays you have the choice of dozens of lubricants. The wide selection of products that can be found on www.dokterlifestyle.com include water based lubricants, silicone based lubricants and other stimulating lubricants. Especially the water based variant is very popular because it doesn't leave any spots behind.

Fully experiment

One of the advantages of lubricant is that you can do anything with it. Therefore you can fully experiment with it. This lubricant is also great to give your partner a wonderful massage for instance. He or she will undoubtedly appreciate it! Also, many people find masturbating and blowing with a little lubricant just a little bit more exciting. Additionally, you can combine this product with the popular condoms by Level or Sex toys. Do stay alert when having sex with a condom. Some lubricants and condoms don't go well together. Particularly with silicone based lubricant you have to be extra careful. Due to the slippery substance the condom can easily tear. Also, these lubricants can leave more stains in bed. Therefore it's better to choose a water based lubricant.

Be careful

Lubricants and sex toys are amazing to use in bed. However, you should still be careful in this case too. Due to the lubricant the toys can become porous. Therefore also know the components in lubricants. Some oil based products may leave nasty stains in the sheets, or could even cause yeast infections. You should be careful with products that contain glycerin. It's always important to know what you are using. As a result you experience pleasant and exciting sex with lubricants!