Increase libido and have fun in bed

Published : 2017-10-08 13:10:22
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Increase libido and have fun in bed

How do you Increase libido and have fun in bed ?

'Libido' is the Latin word for 'desire'. It means that someone is in the mood to have sexual intercourse. Not everybody has a high libido. When one has a bigger sex drive, the other may have less. This could cause problems in a relationship. How do you make sure you both get enough satisfaction? Sometimes certain libido enhancers can provide the solution.

Libido enhancers for men and women

Men with low libido sometimes suffer from erectile dysfunction. They don't feel like sex due to stress at work for instance, and that makes it harder to get an erection. Almost every man has this once in awhile. However, tensions within a relationship may occur when their partner does have a lot of sex drive. The other way around is true too, women who don't feel like a lot of sex. Though men may try out erection pills with erectile dysfunction problems. The fact that the penis stays hard for longer can provide a lot of excitement.For erectile pills you can visit various online stores, including Dokterlifestyle.comSince these pills are considered medications a prescription from the doctor is always required. It's possible to get erectile dysfunction pills without a prescription, but in that case it's very important to pay attention to quality. If you notice any side effects you should immediately cease taking the medication.

Great sex for women

There are also libido enhancers available for women. For example, women often like to use lubricants. This means that their vagina becomes moist so that sex happens smoother and is less painful. Moreover, nowadays there are stimulating lubricants to increase sex drive. Two birds with one stone, so to speak. Do be careful when you use a certain lubricant with a condom. Some products may damage the condom. Therefore, always read the leaflet. 


In both men and women, it helps to take a lust enhancing substance. Another name for this is 'aphrodisiac'. Erotic ingredients include Ginseng and Yohimbe. They contain certain substances that increase sex drive. A glance at these lust enhancing ingredients:

- Avocado: The high concentration of folic acids, increases both male and female libido.
- Cardamom: An absolute booster regarding raising libido. Definitely worth a try!
- Celery: Contains the sex hormone androsterone, which makes men want more sexual intercourse.
- Asparagus: Contains a lot of vitamin E, which makes sex seem better.
- Figs: Increase libido because they are rich in amino acids.
- Saffron: This ingredient appears to stimulate the erogenous zones of the body. 

Keep it exciting

There should be regular sexual intercourse in a healthy relationship. The frequency depends on the partners themselves. They are responsible to keep the excitement in a relationship going. It's a fact that it becomes less exciting the longer you are together. However, that doesn't mean that you can have fun anymore in bed. On the contrary! Since you know each other longer, you become more spontaneous. So do not hesitate to try something new in bed sometimes. Why not try a sex toy, or do a role-play. These are all available in the extensive assortment of DokterLifestyle.comAlso share each other's fantasies. You'll notice that the sparks fly again like before!

Eat and drink healthy

Healthy eating and drinking almost always increases libido. Perhaps you noticed that you've become looser after a couple of glasses of alcohol. A nice drink also helps you to relax a little. The more you drink, the more inhibitions are going away. Of course you shouldn't drink so much that you can no longer perform in bed! Drunk men usually have trouble getting an erection. In that case, your increased libido is useless. Energy drinks and coffee are only bad for your sex drive. Instead, you can better drink water, tea or fruit juice.

A cold shower is not only to cool down

After sex, you can take a shower to cool off. But did you know that it's also good to relax under a cold shower before sex? That's because the cold water increases libido. This doesn't seem to make any sense, because sex is usually associated with hot and sweaty. A cold shower, however, makes you feel more alert and more willing to do something, having sex with your partner for instance.