Keep the excitement in bed

Published : 2017-10-23 10:56:03
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Keep the excitement in bed

Attention, affection and intimacy: the keys to a great sex life

Sex is an important part in a relationship. It's something you need to work on together. In the beginning sparks fly everywhere. But after a few years the urge to have sex is less. At least, if you don't put any effort into it. With these handy tips you can keep the excitement in bed, even after many years!

Create intimate moments

Attention, affection and intimacy: these are the keywords for a nice sex life with your partner. Try to spend enough time together. So put the cellphone down, and go for intimate moments with each other. This really doesn't only have to be physical. It's also important to be connected spiritually. Good communication is the core of a strong relationship. Why not try to have a good conversation with each other instead of watching tv? Not only at night, but also in the afternoon or early in the evening. It's important not to keep any secrets from each other, also regarding sex. For example, it doesn't do a relationship any good if you secretly are watching porn or take erectile pills. It's better to be honest and open about it. Moreover, it helps to make decisions together like taking erection pills or the fun between the sheets.

Ensure variety

In addition, try to make sure there's enough variety. For instance, swap the bedroom for the kitchen, the couch or another exciting place. Or opt for relaxation by taking a shower or hot bath together. Afterwards, gently dry your partner with a warm towel. Often this already creates the needed excitement. You're already undressed, so that's a plus!

Give each other a wonderful massage

You can also spice it up by using other means in bed. We're not only talking about sex stimulants, but wonderful massages. Take your time to massage your partner, and switch it around later. It's amazing how much effect a little massage oil has. Then you are wonderfully relaxed and perhaps a little aroused. Either way, it's a nice way of relaxing.

Communicate with each other

Communication ensures a better sex life. Not only in the form of talking, but also by giving or getting a wonderful massage. Give each other enough space, and let each other know when something is really nice. Also ask your partner what he or she would like. It's nice to see that the other is enjoying your touches. In addition, you get to know each other better by communicating well. Enjoy each other, and great sex follows automatically!