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Use of condoms

Use of condoms

It is wise to take the condom out of its package shortly before using it. Check the expiration date before.

The condom and how to use it

It is clear that, when something goes wrong when using a condom, this is usually because of wrong use. Firstly there is of course the paper with instructions which is included in all packages of preservatives*. You will understand that it is not very useful to start reading these instructions in the heat of the moment. To get a little practice in using a condom as a boy, it is smarter to read the instructions carefully before the first use. It can also help to practice a few times. Practice makes perfect! Regarding practicing it is also advisable that the girl will know all the tricks. The girl can practice with a dildo or fake penis. Alternatively it is also possible to use a carrot or cucumber.

Use of condom in practice

  • It is wise to take the condom out of its package shortly before using it. Check the expiration date before.
  • The package is to be opened by tearing it in half and take apart both halves. After that the condom can be taken from the package. Never use a sharp object to open the packaging, such as scissors or a knife. This is not necessary and can only damage the condom.
  • Be careful with sharp nails or raw hands, they could also damage the condom.                                                                                      
  • The condom should never be blown up or unrolled to check it. This is not necessary because all condoms are being tested at the end of the production process. 
  • It is wise to roll the foreskin of the penis backwards before putting on the condom. This makes it easier to roll the condom over the penis.
  • Take the top of the condom (the reservoir) with one hand between thumb and index finger and squeeze all the air out of it.
  • If the erection is hard enough you can place the condom on top of the penis and roll it down with your other hand (see image below).
  • After the ejaculation, take the condom at the bottom between two fingers and remove it from the penis. This must be done before the penis becomes slack. Remove the condom from the penis completely (not too close to the partner), knot it, roll it into a piece of paper and throw it away. Dispose of the condom in a garbage can and never flush it through the toilet.

Additional tips fort he safe use of a condom

  • There are vaginal medicines which can affect and infest the condom. If such a medicine is used, for example to treat a STD, ask your doctor or pharmacist if it can affect the condom. The internet can also be consulted.
  • Should anything go wrong while unpacking the condom you should not take any risks and replace the condom by a new one.
  • The reuse of any condom is absolutely not wise. It is not hygienic and could also be damaged during previous use so do not take this risk. Money cannot be the reason to do this.
  • Do not improvise and experiment with alternative lubricants in combination with a condom. If necessary it is best to use an original lubricant, which does not affect the condom whatsoever. Baby oil, sunblock, body lotion, Vaseline, face cream, massage oil etc. ill-fated for the condom.
  • Some people think that using two or more condoms at the same time is extra safe. The opposite is true. It only gives the feeling of extra safety as a condom can tear if latex is being rubbed against latex!
  • Do not flush a condom through the toilet, as the toilet could be blocked.
  • A cool and dark place is best to keep a condom. Sunlight could have disastrous effects on a condom. Some people are prepared and have one or two condoms in their wallet or in the glove compartment of the car. This is fine as long as you exchange the condoms regularly.
  • Every package of a condom states an expiration date. This is usually five years. Of course we hope that you don’t have to keep them that long instead of using them. If so, do not use a condom if the expiration date has passed, instead change it for a new one.

In the first place the condom is meant for preventing unwanted pregnancies. Later people found out that it can also prevent venereal disorders (genital diseases). Except for STDs** the 80s also brought with them the threat of HIV. This has made the necessity of the condom even more important, especially with gay men. Despite all kinds of improvements many men and women have complained about the fact that the use of a condom does not feel nice. Nowadays condoms are so thin that the feeling is almost natural. There is also an option for men and women with a latex allergy. These condoms are made of plastic or sheep bowels.

Nice to know

Here are some brief pieces of information about the history of condoms. About 500 years ago condoms were made of animal intestines, mainly sheep bowels. After condoms of animal intestines as birth control came in the first half of the twentieth century the production of condoms made of latex (natural rubber) which were a big step forward. Later the reservoir was added to catch the ejaculation of the sperm, which was also a big improvement. In common language people also refer to a condom as rubber

*an “expensive” word for condom.

**Sexually transmitted disease. 

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