About us

DokterLifestyle.com is the provider of products for consumers in Europe who desire to enrich their love life which they both can enjoy. Our goal is to make these products readily available and have them delivered quickly so that no time has to go to waste enriching the passion in everyone's love life.

The moment you arrive at DokterLifestyle.com the anticipation begins. Together (or just to surprise your partner!) you can choose the products which you wish to use or want to try. The images already tell you a lot, and the description says exactly what you want to know. The desired products can be placed in your shopping basket and checking out then happens quickly, easily and securely. We will try to process your order as quickly as possible. A beautiful, anonymous package will be delivered with the products you ordered and then you are ready for the next level! 

We hope to deliver a fantastic experience for everyone with our products and believe high quality plays a very important role. Through a continuous process of quality control we try to provide only the best of the best because that's what our customers deserve!