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Prevent an STD

Condoms must be safe especially. They must fit well and not tear. This allows you to have safe and carefree sex. With the excellent condoms from Condomshop The Hague you're always at the right place. They offer protection against genital diseases and 98% against unwanted pregnancies. Nevertheless, thousands of Dutch catch an STD due to unsafe sex. Annually, more than 172,000 doctor consults take place. As many as 65,000 people are diagnosed with chlamydia, while between 10,000 and 15,000 catch genital warts or herpes. Make sure you're not going to be part of this group by using condoms from Condom Shop The Hague.

Order condoms online

Many people find it uncomfortable to buy condoms in a store. Fortunately, there's the internet nowadays. In merely just a few clicks you can make a purchase. However, always check the reliability of an online store. Most online stores carry a quality mark. At Condom Shop The Hague you're always at the right address. This online store only sells top quality condoms for great prices! After your order the package will be delivered to your door anonymously within a business day. 

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