Improve your sex life significantly with erectile dysfunction treatments

Hopefully you give your sex life a good grade. Pleasure between the sheets is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. Plenty of variety, excitement and fantasy help to improve your sex life. Sometimes, however, physical problems can throw a wrench in the works. Like the 14% of Dutch men who are 18 years of age or older whom suffer from erectile dysfunction related issues. Perhaps an erectile dysfunction treatment could be the solution to these symptoms. All the ins- and outs about erectile dysfunction in a nutshell. 

Give your sex life a huge boost

There are several ways you can give your sex life a boost. A good night's sleep ensures a good sex drive in both men and women. That's because it leads to a high testosterone. When you don't sleep well this hormone decreases so you feel less like having sex. You can also increase libido by taking control yourself. For example, surprise your partner with sexy lingerie or watch an erotic video together. Or talk to each other about your sexual fantasies. Perhaps you can make it a reality one day.

Erection problems: what to do?

Despite all the effort, not everybody is able to have a hassle free sex life. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various factors. For example, many men suffer from it as they age. Also physical problems like depressions, grief and insecurity can be culprits of the problems in bed. Erectile dysfunction issues are sometimes also caused by side effects of certain medications or diseases like diabetes and COPD. In some cases men cope with a decreased testosterone production. In that event you could consider to purchase a product like an erectile dysfunction remedy. Well-known names include Andropatch and Tostran. These are usually to be applied as a patch or some kind of gel. Also, a testosterone injection often has a positive effect. It actually relaxes the blood vessels in the penis. Subsequently the blood vessels are filled with blood so an erection happens.

Libido Forca Erection Pills

Erectile dysfunction treatments as a solution

Almost every Dutch man has had a moment to where an erection wasn't possible. Among 14% of this group this happens quite regularly. Obviously, no one wants to deal with erectile problems. In the past a testosterone remedy or injection was called a possible solution. You may also consider the following options:

- Erection pills
- Mechanical erectile dysfunction treatments

Having fun in bed again

For good quality aphrodisiacs and high quality naural erection pills, visit The range includes a large number of erectile pills that greatly enhance the sex life of yourself and your partner. Recommendations are Senserex and King Active. Combine it with a lubricant and/or Level condom and you'll soon have fun in bed again!

Viagra conquers the world

So you can either inject or take erectile dysfunction medication. Which product is chosen differs per person. Choose the remedy that best solves your erection problems in your opinion. From the list, erectile dysfunction pills are the most famous. Viagra is now known around the world. The drug was made by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in the late 1980s. The substance sildenafil, later known as Viagra, had to solve erectile dysfunction in men. You take the pill right before you have intercourse. Within a short period of time a strong erection will happen. Viagra has proved to be a great success,and is not unthinkable anymore from the medical world. The popularity of erectile pills increased significantly after Viagra was introduced. Over the course of time also other pills were put on the market, like Cialis, Levitra and LibidoForca. Spontaneous sex thanks to Cialis
The disadvantage of Viagra is, however, that its effect doesn't last very long. In that regard it differs greatly from Cialis, which usually lasts for about 36 hours. Also, you need to take the latter every day, even if you don't plan to have sex. As a result, you experience a much more spontaneous sex life than when you use Viagra because that needs to be taken right before sex. In addition to Cialis and Viagra, there's another third alternative called Levitra. This synthetic erectile pill is particularly popular because it works very quickly. Within 15 to 20 minutes men can experience an erection.

Cialis treatment

Cialis is a case apart. It differs greatly from other remedies like Viagra because it is considered a real drug. You can truly restore your sex life. You follow a treatment in which you take the pill each day on a set time. Cialis is not a temporary solution, but really helps to improve sex life.

Libido Forca

The above mentioned erectile dysfunction treatments all have a positive effect on your sex life. But in some respects they differ from each other. For example,Cialis works by far the longest of all pills. Longer than one day is no exception! This does not mean that Cialis is also the strongest medication. That honor goes to Libido Forca. This herbal remedy is available, for example, at It is made with 100 percent natural ingredients. Consequently it has a very powerful effect. In fact, an erection can last for two days. This means that men get a erection quickly as soon as there are sexual stimuli. As a result, they can perform better in bed than ever before.

Generic erectile pills

In addition to original erectile pills like Viagra, you can now also buy natural erectile pills and generic erectile pills. The latter mentioned remedies were introduced on the market as soon as the original patent had expired. Manufacturers then came up with 'replicas' that almost have the same effect. Only the amount of active ingredients in the pills could differ from the original. The generic erectile pills always need to comply with a strict requirement package. This way you know they are trustworthy.

Go for quality and reliability

Unfortunately, fake erectile pills are brought to the market regularly. The internet is a popular place for this. Of course, you do not want certain ingredients to pose a health hazard! Therefore, always be careful when you buy these products. Fortunately, you're always at the right pace at Also the condoms and lubricants by Level are known for their reliability and quality. Erection pills are very popular due to their effectiveness. Within a very short period of time they make erectile dysfunction something from the past. This is due to the fact that they widen the blood vessels in the penis. This greatly improves the blood flow so the penis can become hard.