Frequently Asked Questions

Which brands can be ordered at
In the webshop of you can order many products from the following brands: Durex, Level, Pjur, Male, Wingman, MySize and King Active among others. Take a look in the various categories and see which other brands you can find from us.

When will I receive my order?
Everything that's ordered on a weekday (Monday till Friday) before 16:00  is sent out the same day. Saturday is also a delivery day. Orders placed on Friday after 16:00 and on weekends are processed and shipped on Monday.

Which condom is best for me?
Everyone is different, has different sizes and preferences. Which condom is best and feels great depends on your size and preference. We therefore recommend to first order a number of different kinds in the smallest available packages, so you can try them out. Try a condom before the deed, without your partner so that you can be sure that it is the right size.

What is my condom size?
The appropriate condom size has nothing to do with the length of your penis, but rather with the circumference of the penis. Many people don't know this, but this is very important when buying condoms. A condom should not feel too tight nor too loose. A condom that fits too tight has a chance of tearing. A condom that is too loose may easily slip off.
But which size condom do you need now? To find out you need to get started and measure your penis. Measure the circumference of your penis when it's fully erect, and read the table below which nominal width your condom should have. Based on this information you can you select and buy the best condom that's right for you.

Circumference of erect penis Condom Size nominal width

Up to 10cm - 47mm
10-11cm - 49mm
11-11.5cm - 53mm
11.5-12cm - 56mm
12-13cm - 60mm
13-14cm - 64mm
14cm and larger - 69mm

How are my orders shipped?
All orders will be sent to you 100% anonymously! This means that you won't see that the package comes from on the outside of the envelope or package. This is very reassuring and a great piece of mind!

How can I pay?
At there are various payment methods such as iDeal, Mastercard, Paypal and more. Read more about this on the page where payment methods are described.

What happens to my order if I am not at home?
All orders will be sent anonymously via PostNL. Everything that can be shipped with an envelope will be put in a mailbox or letter box. Products that do not fit in a mailbox are sent in a package. If you are not at home when the mailman delivers the package then by means of a note in the mailbox you will be notified that your package can be picked up at the post office.

My order has not arrived yet?
All orders placed on business days before 16:00  which are also paid for at that time are shipped the same day. Still haven't received your order after five business days? Then it's possible that something went wrong with the shipment. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can do everything we can to still deliver your order. Please note that if you pay by bank transfer it will take several days before the order is received by us. Once your payment has been received by us we will process and ship your order.