How do you find the erection pill that suits you best?

Erectile dysfunction pills may solve erectile issues. These pills are often prescribed by a doctor. Subsequently you can pick them up at a pharmacy or order them online. Nowadays, there are a large number of different kinds of erectile pills available on the market. But how do you choose the pills that work best for you?

Finding the right erection pill

The right erection pill is personal. The reason for its use is different for everyone. For example, there are men who suffer from erectile dysfunction due to a psychological issue, such as a trauma or depression. Other men experience sexual problems after surgery or an illness. Some people even use it even though they don't suffer from erectile dysfunction at all! For instance, the use of Viagra helps them to last longer in bed. When choosing the right erection pill, take into account your personal situation and preference. Would you prefer a natural erectile dysfunction pill? Then go for Libido Extreme, King Active or Senserex.These pills can also be found at Dokterlifestyle. For long and intense sex, erection pills such as Levitra, Libido Forca or Sildenafil are very suitable. Whatever the case, always carefully read the included leaflet. Both the components as well as possible side effects are described. This way you know exactly what you can expect.

Libido Forca: a powerful natural erection pill

One of the strongest erection pills is Libido Forca. It contains some powerful herbs that give it a very powerful effect. Furthermore, the herbal formulain this natural erection pill is well concentrated. As a result, your sexual performance is going to get a tremendous boost. It causes a long lasting erection. It's common that men still experience a strong erection with sexual stimulation even after 48 hours. There's a good reason why LibidoForca is a popular erection pill for men around the world. It's also a natural erection pill thanks to its herb base. However, it faces fierce competition from Viagra. This is one of the best known erectile dysfunction pills in the world. It's popularity can be thanked to its quick effect. A Viagra pill already works within 30 minutes. On the other hand, its effect last much shorter in comparison to Libido Forca. Generally a Viagra pill already loses its effect after 4 hours.

Side effects Viagra

Despite its short duration, Viagra pills are still the most widely sold worldwide. You can get them both on prescription and in an online pharmacy. Viagra ensures a firm erection, allowing you to enjoy sex again. This is thanks to the Sildenafil substance that has been processed in the pill. It also causes the blood vessels in the penis to widen. As a result, the blood flows better when aroused, causing a hard erection. Please keep in mind that Viagra also has side effects. You may suffer from red eyes or headaches. Other side effects of Viagra that mayoccur are as follows:

  •               A stuffy nose
  •               Palpitations
  •               Reduced vision
  •               Irregular indigestion
  •               Muscle ache
  •               Dizziness
  •               Throwing up

    Levitra erection pill as an alternative
    These side effects don't always occur when you use Viagra. Every person responds differently. Therefore, always read the leaflet of this popular pill.Do you rather avoid bothersome side effects? Then it's recommended to use Levitra erection pills. This pill already works within ten minutes and has about the same effect as Viagra. However, with Levitra you usually don't experience any side effects, which makes it a good alternative to Viagra.

The 'king' among erection pills

Some erectile pills work longer than others. When it comes to duration King Active is absolutely number 1. As the name suggests, you'll get a lot of energy in bed with this erection pill. After taking one you can notice the effect within half an hour. Then the pill will keep working for 72 hours. You can keep going between the sheets, and reach climax multiple times. The King Active erection pill thanks its strong effect due to various natural herbs.In addition, you can reach the same energetic effect with Libido Up. This pill already works within half and hour and can last up to 36 hours. Older men can suddenly feel 20 years younger again!

King Active erection pills

Prolonged performance in bed

In recent years, the erectile pills Libido Extreme and Cialis have become increasingly popular. They provide endurance and improve your sexual performances significantly. This allows you to keep going thanks to Libido Extreme. This pill usually works within 45 minutes so you can keep going up to 24 hours! Cialis erection pills top this with 36 hours of action.In addition, this erection pill already works within 15 minutes!This all has to do with certain substances that the pills contain. For instance Cialis ensures that the so-called 'phosphodiester enzyme' has less influence on the body. This enzyme usually causes an erection to disappear. By blocking it these substances remain active longer. As a result, men experience a very long and hard erection. The advantage of this is that you don't need to take these pills right before sex. This is the case with Viagra, which relatively has a short effect. By using Libido Extreme and Cialis you can get a spontaneous erection.

Better performance in bed with a natural erection pill

The range of erectile pills is very extensive today. They have a common that your bed performance will get a lot better. After taking one pill you'll usually get a long lasting erection within half an hour. One pill lasts longer than the other. On the other hand, not every pill is naturally based. Some men prefer this, because it's more natural and healthier. They order, for example, the natural erection pill Senserex. Thanks to its great effect these pills are definitely worth a try. You ought to take it with a glass of water. Aside from that, make sure you don't eat too much because these pills work best on an empty stomach. After about 45 minutes you'll notice the effect of Senserex.

Matter of experimenting

Of course, erectile pills are constantly under development. Recently, a new version of Cialis was introduced on the market, called 'Cialis Once A Day'. That one should be taken once a day. Subsequently a small amount of a substance called 'tadalafil' gets into your body. This causes a spontaneous and hard erection when you're sexually aroused. Cialis Once A Day is one of the many erectile dysfunction pills that will help you perform better in bed. It's best to try out different kinds of pills and see which one works best. Good luck!