What to do about erectile dysfunction?

About 14 percent of adult Dutch men deals sometimes with erectile dysfunction. In men between the ages of 71 and 80, the risk of erectile dysfunction is even over 40 percent. This usually has to do with age, but sometimes there may be other reasons. For example, you can think of stress, psychological problems, illnesses and side effects of medications. What can you do about erectile dysfunction?

The cause of erectile dysfunction

It happens sometimes that the penis does not get hard enough or at all during the sexual intercourse. Although it's very bothersome to say the least, almost every man has dealt with itin his life. Usually there's no reason for concern. It becomes a problem when it happens more frequently. About 1 in 10 men suffer from it. Erectile problems can cause a lot of insecurity in bed. So don't cope with it for too long, and see a doctor. There may be physical and/or psychological causes. For instance men who have diabetes, lung diseases such as COPD or deal with obesity are more at risk of getting erectile dysfunction. An unhealthy lifestyle can also contribute to problems in the bedroom. Like smokers and drinkers generally have more erection issues. Often it is also a combination of several factors. Someone who smokes and has diabetes may have more narrow blood vessels in their penis. With sexual stimulation less blood flows to the penis, which makes it very difficult to get an erection.

Psychological and physical factors

When it comes to an erection, physical and psychological factors work together. When there's sexual arousal, the brain sends stimulants to the blood vessels in the penis via the nerves. As a result, more blood flows through, resulting in an erection. For many men this process occurs automatically. Unfortunately, that's not the case with everyone. Therefore, not enough sexual stimuli can throw a wrench in the works. For a man who's depressed, or a lacks fantasy it's difficult to get aroused. For example, when he has recently experienced a traumatic event so his thoughts are elsewhere. The mind has a lot of influence on the body and vice versa. In such a situation, it's wise to talk to a therapist. It often helps to talk about the problem. He'll notice that the situation will gradually improve mentally and physically.

Impact of drugs regarding erectile dysfunction

A doctor sometimes prescribes medication in case of physical illness or mental illness. Certain pills lower a high blood pressure or lessen depressing feelings. Unfortunately, medications also have side effects, including erectile dysfunction. Understand that this situation is just temporary. After you quit taking the medications the side effects vanish on their own. It doesn't make any sense for you to worry about it. Stress and somberness only make erectile dysfunction worse. Are you still worried about the side effects? Then contact your doctor.

Go for a healthy lifestyle

It's very bothersome to cope with erectile dysfunction. If you have just had surgery, or taken certain medications, you can't do much about it. Particular nerves can be damaged due to an operation. In other cases, you can do something about this problem yourself. For example, choose a healthy lifestyle in which you exercise a lot and eat healthy every day. Good nutrition and a healthy body weight are of the essence. You can already achieve this by walking or bicycling 30 minutes per day. Also a visit to the gym, or becoming a member of a sports club works wonders. Leave alcohol out of it as much as you can. Excessive alcohol consumption doesn't have a positive effect on the body. It's recommended not to drink more than one glass of alcohol a day.

Communicate with your partner

A good atmosphere and understanding ensure that you feel comfortable with your partner in bed. Communication is essential. Talk to each other when there are signs of erectile dysfunction. Otherwise your partner may get the idea that he or she is no longer attractive. Often this is not the case. Talk about your desires and worries and try to pinpoint what you think should be different. What do you reckon is really exciting, and which situations makes it harder to get an erection. Usually it also helps to discuss these thoughts with a doctor. At first this can be difficult and uncomfortable. Realize that it may eventually lead to a positive thing. Doctors hear it on a regular basis, and find it very normal. Definitely don't be ashamed of your erection problems because you're absolutely not the only one!

Ordering erectile dysfunction pills

After a visit to a doctor you may be prescribed erectile dysfunction pills. Then you can pick those up at the pharmacy. However, more and more men decide to order the pills online. High quality erectile dysfunction pills are available from Dokterlifestyle.com. It does provide a bit more privacy. Do pay attention from which online store you buy your erection pills. Not every online pharmacy is reliable. A quality mark is usually a good indication of quality and reliability. This is usually indicated at the bottom of the main page. If all goes well, the erection pills will be shipped to your door within a few business days.  

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