Which kinds of lubricants are available?

Lubricants are available in all kinds of variants. In addition to the standard product, there is also stimulant lubricant that makes the sex even more intense. Moreover, you have the choice of water or silicone based lubricants. Try out which product you find the best. These lubricants are available at Dokterlifestyle.com.

Reasons to use lubricant

There are several reasons why people use lubricants. For instance it'll make the vagina moister. This is more enjoyable for both men and women. A woman doesn't experience any pain, and the sex goes a lot more smoothly. Lubricant is also an additional stimulant for men who can hardly get an erection. The smooth gel ensures sensuality, excitement and a better sex. You can also use it for anal sex. This part of the body is more narrow, which could make it more painful for a woman. It also increases the chance of little wounds. Luckily you can prevent this with lubricants.

Extra stimulation

Fun toys and lubricants shouldn't be left out of the equation during intense sex. They increase the intensity and ensure an amazing orgasm. In addition, you create the necessary variation. For example, try a stimulating lubricant. These create a tingling sensation when you use it. This provides a very nice feeling for both men and women. Various online stores sell stimulating lubricants. You'll find products of the very best quality at Dokterlifestyle.com.

Painless sex

Aside from stimulating lubricants you also have the standard lubricant that you can apply to the penis, condom or the vagina. For anal sex, a lubricant is also a good idea. Some women suffer from a dry vagina. As a result, they deal with pain during penetration. To avoid this, you coulduse a special moisturizing gel. Sex has to be pleasant and painlessly after all!

Go for quality

Always go for quality when buying lubricants. Not every online store is reliable, but thankfully Dokterlifestyle.com is! Always read the reviews and check which quality brands are available. For instance, there's a good reason why brands like Level and Durex are so popular. 

Water based lubricant

Many quality brands sell water-based lubricants. They are particularly popular because they offer many advantages. Women will get extra moist from it. Also, it doesn't matter how much lubricant you use. The water isn't harmful. This is contrary to oil based lubricants. The smooth oil doesn't always go well together with condoms. For example, condoms may slide off. In this regard, it's better to opt for water-based lubricant.