Each of them are top quality brands

You can find various brands in the assortment of Each of them are top quality brands, because we are only going for high quality products. All new products that we want to add to our product range are extensively tested by our Quality Control Team. Do they not meet our requirements? Then they won't make it to our product line up. At you will therefore only find the best products!

The various products we offer include the following brands: Durex, Level, Pjur, King Active, LibidoForca, Senserex, MySize, Male and Wingman.


  • Durex

    Durex stands for "Durability, Reliability, and Excellence"

    Durex is probably one of the best known brands that you find in the assortment of Durex exists for more than eighty years and finds its roots in London. Durex is most known for their condoms. But did you know that in addition to condoms Durex also has a whole line of Lubricants, Massage gels and sex toys?

    About Durex

    The Durex brand name stands for "Durability, Reliability, and Excellence". Durex was founded in 1915 in London. At that time the name of the company was the London Rubber Company. Only in 1929 the name Durex was adapted by the company. Durex has a wide range of condoms which consists of ultra-thin condoms, latex condoms, stimulating condoms, extra-long condoms, orgasm delaying condoms and standard condoms. In addition to an extensive range of condoms Durex also has a wide range of lubricants. This range includes standard lubricant, soothing lubricant, warming lubricant, tingling lubricant and flavored lubricants. Also many different kinds of massage gels are included in this assortment.

    See for yourself which Durex products are included in our assortment!

  • King Active

    King Active natural erection pills 

    King Active helps you to gain more control over your erection and make it easier to get multiple consecutive orgasms.

    •        King Active already works after 30 minutes and can work up to 72 hours
    •        King Active helps to get and maintain firmer erections
    •        King Active increases the potency
    •        King Active is a 100% natural erection pill


    King Active natural erection pills are composed of powerful all natural ingredients.Thanks to this composition you feel fit and energetic again and it will increase your sex drive and improve your sex life. The ingredients provide a better blood flow and help support an erection and make it easier to have multiple consecutive orgasms. These stimulating erection pills can be used to stimulate an erection so that the quality of your sex life will improve significantly. Order King Active and experience the unique effect of these natural erection pills for yourself. For the best result it is advisable to take the libido pill one hour before sexual activity. King Active libido pills are shipped to you fast, anonymously and free. King Active is sent in a blank, unprinted package or envelope.

  • Level

    High quality is very important to Level

    Level is a brand by a Dutch company. In Level's product range you'll find various kinds of lubricants and high quality condoms. The lubricant by Level is CE certified and the condoms have the CE0120 certificate. This means that the products by Level meet all the strict rules, laws and requirements of the European Union. High quality is very important to Level. Level intents to give their customers only the best of the best. That's a great piece of mind with products such as lubricants and condoms! Level offers the most intense and intimate experience with their products. The products have a classy look. Nevertheless you don't have to pay the high price for lubricants and condoms by Level. Enjoy Level's products together with your partner and take your relationship to the next Level!

  • Libido Forca

    Powerful 100% natural erection pill

    Of the readily available options, LibidoForca is probably the strongest libido pill. The concentration and the fermentation process of the ingredients determine the effect and strength of LibidoForca  for a big part. LibidoForca is successful in multiple countries. For a long time already we sell erection pills, but LibidoForca receives the most positive reactions.

  • My Size Condoms

    My Size Condoms

    My Size Condoms are from Germany and are one of a kind in the market. In My Size assortment you can find condoms in seven different sizes! That means that there's always a suitable condom for any man.

    Types of My Size Condoms

    In the My Size Condom assortment you can find condoms in different sizes. In sizes ranging from 47 mm to 69 mm there is always a condom that fits you. This will ensure you have a perfect fit, and that's very important. Did you know that when you wear a poorly fitting condom that you are probably not protected against STDs and unwanted pregnancies? A condom that is too small can pop or tear. A condom that is too large may slip off. Therefore, make sure that you always use the correct size condom.

    Why My Size Condoms?

    Thanks to the different sizes of condoms which are offered by My Size, you know you can always order the right condom so you can have safe sex. The right size is not only safe it is also more comfortable so you can enjoy sex even more. All My Size Condoms are provided with a silicone lubricant.

    Which My Size Condom do you need?

    To find out which My Size condom is right for you you'll need to measure yourself. How do you do this? Very easy! Grab a tape measure, make sure your penis is erect and measure the penis girth. Compare the result with the table below, and you know which size condom you need!

    My Size Condom Condom Type Nominal width length Penis Girth

    My. Size 47                                          47mm                                          160mm                                          til 10 cm
    My. Size 49                                          49mm                                          165mm                                          10 - 11 cm
    My. Size 53                                          53mm                                          180mm                                          11 - 11,5 cm
    My. Size 57                                          57mm                                          190mm                                          11,5 - 12 cm
    My. Size 60                                          60mm                                          195mm                                          12 - 13 cm
    My. Size 64                                          64mm                                          225mm                                          13 - 14 cm
    My. Size 69                                          69mm                                          225mm                                          from 14 cm

  • Pjur lubricant

    Pjur is the world's most famous lubricant brand

    That's why Pjur is also included in the assortment of There's a good reason why Pjur Body Glide is called the Rolls Royce among lubricants and is probably the most sold lubricant in the world. Pjur is produced in Germany.

    Different types of Pjur lubricants

    Pjur has different kinds of lubricants, both water and silicone based. Pjur has regular lubricants, lubricants developed for women with a sensitive skin, lubricants for anal sex, stimulating lubricants and orgasm delaying lubricants for him. The most famous lubricant from Pjur is Pjur Original Body Glide. This silicone based lubricant has an extremely long glide and is also perfect to use for intense (erotic) massages. Quality is a very important aspect for Pjur. All lubricants of this famous brand therefore have the a CE mark. Only the best and high quality materials are used for Pjur lubricant. Which Pjur lubricant is on your nightstand? You can probably find it back in the Pjur range of!

  • Pure Power

    Pure Power is a revolutionary natural erection pill which has been sold on the European market since 2010. The special formula is processed in a 500 mg capsule and contains a variety of natural ingredients.

  • Senserex

    Long and intense

    Senserex is a natural erection pill. These erection pills are specifically developed to support the erection and increase the potency. Senserex is created to make you perform again, both physically and mentally, and all of this naturally based. Senserex works after about 45 minutes. 1 capsule can last up to 36 hours.

  • Wingman Condoms

    Wingman Condoms are tremendously innovative condoms

    The Wingman Condoms have even won the prestigious international IF Product Design Award. This Dutch invention was developed because the creators didn't like the annoying interruption process of putting on a condom. Therefore, they developed a feature that allows you to put on the condom quickly and easily with just one hand.

    About Wingman Condoms

    Thanks to the special Wingman you can put on a Wingman Condom with one hand in just two seconds. Even in the dark it won't be a problem. When you take the Wingman condom out of the packaging the special attachment is already on the condom. Grab the wings of the Wingman and place the condom on the tip of the penis and roll it off easily by pulling down the attachment. An additional advantage: you don't have to touch the condom with your hand anymore which adds to even more safety. Wingman Condoms are ultra thin, so you will feel even more! The Wingman Condoms have a CE certificate. This lets you know that these condoms are safe to use.

  • Lelo

    LELO’ popular Love toys

    Explore a world of limitless erotic pleasure, with LELO’ popular sex toys. These luxury Love toys are bestsellers, so you can trust their ability to please.

  • Fifty Shades of Grey

    Fifty Shades of Grey Love Toys

    Introducing Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Collection! Approved by E L James, has worked with the author to make a sophisticated collection of bondage, sex toys and accessories.

  • Fleshlight

    Fleshlights Ulimate Love Toy

    Fleshlights are the number 1 selling male toy in the world and the ultimate sex toy for men. Over 3 million men worldwide love the patented Reel Feel Superskin inner texture of the Fleshlights products. Some say it's even better than the real thing, so find out what everyone is talking about. The Fleshlight Girls brand consists of custom molded masturbation sleeves molded from popular pornstars and the Fleshjack caters specifically to gay guys. This is not a pure sex toy, this is an fine investment!

  • We Vibe

    Number one couples sex toy

    The world’s number 1 couples love toy has been given a serious upgrade.

  • Tenga

    Tenga Love Toys

    We have been distributing Tenga since it first arrived in Europe and are on hand to offer any advice you may seek about how to use and maintain your favourite Tenga toys.