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Postponing Climax

Lubricants to postpone climax are becoming increasingly popular. Everybody wants to hold out longer of course! Together you can enjoy each other even longer! Lubricants developed to postpone climax often contain a special ingredient. The ingredient which is used in lubricants to postpone climax is usually an ingredient that causes a numbing sensation. This makes a man less sensitive in the most sensitive area of the penis so he's less stimulated. Less stimulation means he can keep going for longer! A win-win for both partners!

At we sell lubricants to postpone climax including famous brands like Pjur and Level

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    Best quality Postponing Climax Last longer during sex  Level Energy Delay Lubricant is a unique water-based lubricant and great to enjoy each other for an extra long time. The Lubricant has been especially developed to extend sexual activity, it ensures that a man can postpone his climax. This lubricant by Level causes the most sensitive spot of a man to... Best quality Postponing Climax Last...

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    Premium lubricant Pjur Superhero is a premium lubricant that's based on water. This lubricant has been designed for men and offers the ultimate Pjur sensation for any guy who just wants a bit more. In Pjur Superhero are boosting ginkgo extracts processed. These extracts are absorbed by the skin and have as their primary effect that it improves the blood... Premium lubricant Pjur Superhero is a...

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    Three times longer Durex Play Lovely Long is a lubricant which appears to work three times longer than other comparable lubricants. This lubricant is silicone based. Durex Play Lovely Long does not feel cool or sticky and is suitable for all standard forms of sex: vaginal, oral and anal.  Three times longer Durex Play Lovely...

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