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Increase Potency | Men | Libido | Erection | Orgasm.

Erectile dysfunction treatments are specifically designed to last even longer, so you and your partner can enjoy prolonged sex together.


Increase Potency | Men | Libido | Erection | Orgasm.

Increase Potency

Erectile dysfunction treatments are specifically designed to last even longer, so you and your partner can enjoy prolonged sex together. They can give you more control over your orgasm. There are also erectile dysfunction treatments that increase the libido and stimulates a harder erection. Carefully read the leaflet prior to the treatment and follow it for the best results. These erectile dysfunction treatments are developed for men. Show your partner that from now on you can enjoy longer and intenser sex together. All the products you can buy from DokterLifestyle are shipped 100% anonymously. Nobody will find out what you've ordered. A great piece of mind.

Natural Erection Pills

There are several reasons why, as a man, you cannot achieve an erection. Talking about it is something we don't do so easily. Yet we should do so more often, because you are not the only one and it takes nothing away from your masculinity if you have an erection problem. In fact, it can occur when taking certain medications, due to depression and stress. Also, too much pressure to perform sexually can cause an erection to fail or hardly occur. In that case, it is advisable to try a nutritional supplement that not only helps you relax, but can also stimulate the erection and in some cases could even prolong it.

The erection

During sexual arousal, more blood pumps through your body. This is good because to get an erection, it is important that the corpus cavernosum located in the penis is pumped full of blood. The more the corpus cavernosum swells, the stiffer the penis becomes during erection. When, after ejaculation, the body calms down and blood starts flowing more normally through the veins again, the erection also subsides. Your body regulates this itself if all goes well.

Good circulation

Good blood flow to the body is a must for achieving a good erection. It is also, in many cases, the first cause why it doesn't quite work out. Don't wear clothes that are too tight to promote circulation, eat healthy and exercise enough. Exercising also improves your stamina. To improve blood flow, it is possible to take a supplement to improve circulation. For example, with ginseng or ginkgo biloba. It is also wise to stop smoking (if you smoke, of course) and drink less alcohol.

Erectile dysfunction; different causes

Besides poor circulation, there are other causes that can underlie erectile dysfunction. Medication use, for example, but stress, obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and alcohol, depression and too much pressure on performance in bed can also prevent you from achieving an erection. As you get older, the production of less testosterone can also cause the desire for sex - and thus the sexual arousal associated with it - to decrease.

Erectile pills

There are several erectile pills on the market that improve and prolong the erection. We are of course talking about the well-known little blue pills. However, these drugs are not always without danger. For instance, they can make the erection last for hours - even until after ejaculation. They contain substances that dilate the blood vessels so that it flows more easily through the body. So this effect can ensure that you have an erection for, say, four to six hours. Incidentally, this varies from one erection pill to another. If you do not like this, it is better to use an herbal preparation first.

Take your time

A quickie can be very nice, but if you are struggling to achieve an erection, it is actually good to take some time before sex. Foreplay has its benefits for men too, because it gets the blood flowing. Have you had a very busy day? Then relax first with a hot shower or dinner for two. Go out together and excite each other during the evening. You will find that it helps. Also talk about your worries to reduce stress and depression. And if things don't work out once, don't put the pressure on yourself. Because the higher the sexual pressure to perform, the more tense you are, and that certainly doesn't help your erection and pleasure in sex.

Nutrients for an erection

There are nutrients that can help restore hormone balance in the body and could even boost testosterone production. Zinc, for example, is one such trace element that can contribute positively to this. To calm down and feel more comfortable in your own skin, nutrients like L-Tyrosine and Maca root extract can help. B vitamins help to reduce stress, while others stimulate protein production. There are several supplements available each in its own composition for improving your erection. Which one suits you best obviously depends on your symptoms, your needs and your personal preference.

Please note that the results of some nutrients are purely based on traditional use and is not always scientifically researched or proven. The health claim for several products is pending European approval. Always read the leaflet before use, do not exceed the recommended daily allowance and always consult a doctor in case of doubt or medication use.

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