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Perimenopause & Pms Relief

By choosing supplements like Dr Becky Menopause, you help your body through this natural process. Extracts included in this supplement.


Perimenopause & Pms Relief

Perimenopause and menopause

From the time a girl is very young, her body is already working towards puberty, when major changes take place. One of these changes is that the girl will start menstruating and become fertile. Menstruation can be accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. The moment a woman gets a bit older, the body will prepare for menopause. The production of fertility hormones will decrease significantly and eventually the woman will no longer be able to become pregnant. The whole period of getting your body ready for menopause, menopause itself and the post-menopause period, during which oestrogen levels continue to drop, is called perimenopause. Women can also face mental and physical symptoms during perimenopause. Fortunately, there are nutritional supplements available that can alleviate menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

The menstrual cycle

Most girls have their first period around the age of 12 or 13. There are also girls whose periods start earlier or later than this age. Four weeks before a girl's first period, the body has already gone through a fertile period. Just before and during menstruation, also known as periods, both mental and physical symptoms can be experienced.

Menstrual complaints and healthy eating

You can reduce your menstrual and premenstrual symptoms you experience by making some lifestyle changes. Simple adjustments like drinking enough water, eating healthy and making sure your body gets enough exercise can already make a world of difference. If your symptoms are so severe that your daily activities suffer and adequate fluids, responsible diet and exercise do not work enough, you can opt for nutritional supplements that reduce menstrual cycle-related discomforts. Dr Becky PMS helps you get through your cycle comfortably. The lady's mantle extract contained in this supplement supports hormonal balance and the vitamin B6 helps support you with symptoms like depression and dejection, among others.

Reduce menopause symptoms with supplements

Many women experience symptoms like restlessness, fatigue and hot flushes during menopause. You don't have to experience these discomforts in all their intensity. By choosing supplements like Dr Becky Menopause, you help your body through this natural process. Extracts included in this supplement, such as chaste tree, red clover, wild yam and pomegranate, help rebalance hormone levels, reducing restlessness and hot flushes. The added vitamins make Dr Becky Menopause a very complete supplement.

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