Sperm Booster - 60 capsules | Sperm booster

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More and better Sperm Booster | Developed to increase the sperm volume | Provides a positive contribution to the quality of the sperm | Beneficial effect on the flavour of the sperm | More intense joy orgasm | Erection supporting ingredients.

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Product description

Sperm Booster - 60 capsules | Sperm booster

More sperm booster

Senserex Sperm Booster improves the quality and flavour of sperm and has a positive impact on the production of sperm. Senserex Sperm Booster has a special innovating composition of high-quality natural ingredients that also contribute to stimulate the erection, the orgasm and the potency.

Senserex Sperm Booster stimulates the natural energy sources in the body. The ingredients applied could become active inside your body in a matter of days. As such, you may notice that more sperm is being created and your orgasm is being stimulated, so that you can enjoy it longer and more intensely. The positive impact of concentrated natural ingredients on your potency, the creation of sperm and your enhanced libido, were proven by different studies already. The concentrated ingredients of Senserex Sperm Booster have been used for centuries for the treatment of ejaculation and potencyand are produced by means of an innovative fermentation process.

How does an ejaculation work?

An ejaculation emerges as a result of intense rubbing of the male sex organ. This signal is transferred to the nerve system, as a consequence of which the rate of breathing speeds up and an orgasm takes place in the brains. Once you are effectively ready to ejaculate, the sides of the penis squeeze, creating waves of joy through the body. These waves of joy push the semen forward, after which it mixes with the other fluids in the prostate and eventually becomes sperm. The muscles of the urethra subsequently squeeze immediately and push the sperm out of the opening of the penis and press the muscles of the bladder together to ensure that the sperm is sucked back into the penis.

Increase of ejaculation

For a healthy man the ejaculation has an average volume of between 0.5 and 3.5 millilitres of spermfluid. The quantity of semen that you produce depends on, for instance, the last time you had anejaculation and other factors like a healthy lifestyle, etc. Senserex Sperm Booster stimulates your body with the ingredients that the body needs to increase the volume of the ejaculation.

Improving quality of sperm

Ingredients such as Arginine and Maca have different functions in the body. Arginine also plays a role in the fertility of men. The quality of the sperm is determined on the basis of 2 different aspects.

The number of sperm cells included in your ejaculation
The agility of these cells

The agility of sperm cells

An essential property of healthy sperm cells is the ability to swim. The agility of semen is measured by taking a sperm sample. The creation of nitrogen oxide is promoted by use of Arginine and ensures more agile sperm cells.

Number of sperm cells

Various research has shown that ingredients like Maca and Arginine have a stimulating effect on the increase of the number of sperm cells and their quality.

Diet and Lifestyle

To improve the quality of sperm a healthy lifestyle is also important. Smoking, excessive use ofalcohol, drugs and overweight negatively influence the quality of the sperm and therefore your sex life.

Potency and erection

Due to the use of potency and erection stimulating herbs, Senserex Sperm Booster has a positive impact on the libido and the establishment of an erection. The ingredients of Senserex Sperm Booster support the circulation in the blood vessels to the sex organs, to make it easier for you to get an erection

Flavour of sperm

The flavour of sperm is usually bitter and salty which is not really pleasant. Unpleasantly tasting spermmay inhibit sexual intercourse and could make oral sex in particular less pleasant for you and your partner. Studies have shown that the flavour of sperm is related to what you consume. Senserex Sperm Booster plays a role in the change of the flavour of the sperm. The ingredients contribute to a milder, more pleasant and sweeter flavour of sperm and could, as such, give your sex life a positiveboost.

More intense orgasm

Senserex Sperm Booster helps to produce more sperm. The production of semen is directly connected with the intensity of the orgasm. A climax takes place when pulsation in the genitals pushesthe sperm out. A larger quantity of semen may ensure the muscles in the penis to work longer and harder, creating more intense orgasms.

Benefits of Senserex Sperm Booster

Due to the especially selected combination of powerful, high-quality ingredients, Senserex Sperm Booster is a strong stimulating agent for producing more sperm, while improving the health of the semen and supporting the potency. It also has a beneficial effect on the flavour and clearness of the sperm.

Take 2 tablets daily with sufficient water. We recommend taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule at night. One pot of Senserex Sperm booster contains 60 capsules and stands for a month’s cure. To achieve the best result, we advise you to use Senserex Sperm Booster for a longer period of time. You can start, as such, with a 2 or 3 month’s cure.

Safe use
Senserex Sperm Booster contains 100% natural ingredients, there are no side effects known for this product. We advise you not to exceed the recommended dose of 2 capsules per day and to follow the instructions on the leaflet. Read the leaflet to find out whether you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

Muira Puama Extract ,Maca Extract, Guarana Extract, Kola nut Extract, L-taurine Ginkgo, BiloBa Extract, L-arginine | Colorant: Brilliant Blue Fcf-Food Blue 2, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide. Filler Mcc, Amino Acid.

Storage instructions
Keep at room temperature (15-25°C) in a dark, dry location, out of reach of children.



Specifications for: Sperm Booster - 60 capsules | Sperm booster

  • Contents 60 caps
  • Product for Men
  • Category Sperm production
  • Ingredients Muira Puama Extract ,Maca Extract, Guarana Extract, Kolanoot Extract, L-taurine Ginkgo, BiloBa Extract, L-arginine | Colorant: Briliant Blue Fcf-Food Blue 2, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide. Filler Mcc, Amino Acid.
  • Information Food supplements must not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not suitable under18 years. Read the instructions on the package before use.



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Sperm Booster - 60 capsules | Sperm booster

Sperm Booster - 60 capsules | Sperm booster

€ 34,95

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