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Choose the right condoms

Choose the right condoms

The use of condoms is usually associated with a man. But did you know that there are also condoms for women? You could also consider these products when selecting condoms.

The right condoms

Really think about what you want from your condoms before you order them. That makes the right choice a lot easier. Of course it shouldn't be like that you can't see the forest from the trees anymore! How do you choose the right condoms? After all, there are so many different types of condoms to choose from. In this article they'll be described by us.

A condom for women

The use of condoms is usually associated with a man. But did you know that there are also condoms for women? You could also consider these products when selecting condoms. More and more women use special women's condoms during sex. This latex-free condom should be inserted into the vagina several hours before sex. This condom can be up to 17 centimeters in length. It is a big advantage for a man since he doesn't have to put on a condom anymore.

Condoms for oral sex

The condom is a widely used contraceptive, even when it comes to oral sex. Think of eating out and satisfying the anus by mouth. Many people use a dental dam for this. This is a latex patch of about 15 by 15 centimeters. The contraceptive is also suitable for homosexual couples. For example, women can use the dental dam together. A condom can also be used for this, by placing it against the clitoris or anus. Condoms are also used for blow jobs. For this purpose special condoms have been developed and you can taste flavors like banana, strawberry, orange or chocolate while blowing. (see flavored condoms).

Orgasm-retardant condoms

Perhaps you have the desire to last longer. In that case the orgasm retardant condoms are perfect for you. There are condoms with an orgasm retardant lubricant. This special lubricant will let you postpone your orgasm. But there are also condoms that make you hold out longer in a natural way thanks to their special design. These condoms are extremely popular. They are not only extra safe, but they also provide ultimate enjoyment.

Flavored condoms

Perhaps you've once tried a flavored condom. There's a good chance you had a great experience. Many people like to taste some sort of flavor during oral sex. Moreover it's very nice to experiment with it. You have a wide range of flavors to choose from: Coca cola to chocolate and banana. Condoms with a nice taste are often easy to recognize because they are colored. By far the biggest advantage of these products is that both sexual partners are protected against an STDs so you can enjoy safe and carefree sex. An extra advantage!

Extra strong condoms

Aside from vaginal penetration there are also many people who prefer anal sex. To have safe anal sex there are extra strong condoms available. These condoms are thicker than the standard condoms which gives them a rougher friction so there's less chance that they will tear. Tip: Use extra silicone-based lubricants to make penetration even more smooth and safe while using the condom!

Extra large and extra small condoms

It is important to use a well fitting condom. If you use a condom that's too small there is a greater chance of tearing. If you use one that's too large it could slide off. This is something that you don't want to happen. Therefore it's important that you use a condom that has the right size. Are you less endowed? Then order extra small condoms from MySize for instance. Are you bigger than average, then order the extra large condoms from MySize.

Stimulating condoms

Stimulating condoms are condoms with ribs and/or studs on the outside of the condom. These ribs and studs provide the condom with a different texture which can be felt by a woman. This extra stimulation feels very pleasant and provides even more pleasure when you use it!

Lubricant to make condoms even more enjoyable

It is advisable to buy lubricated condoms. This is not difficult to do because stores and online hardly sell condoms without it. These condoms are a solution when a woman suffers from vaginal dryness. Perhaps you're coping with it yourself. The generally stiff latex contains a thin layer of lubricant which allows for the penetration to be completely painless. At  you will find a varied range of lubricated condoms. On the packaging you can read which kind of lubricant it has. Generally, most condoms are silicone based.

However, it may be a good idea to use additional lubricant. The feeling of extra lubricant may provide an even more intense sensation, which could add an extra dimension to your love life.

Order Condoms Online

Condoms can be easily ordered online at in various packages. For instance, the Performance condoms by the Dutch Level brand have an excellent anatomical fit. The special material ensures that a man's climax during a sex can be postponed. All Level Condoms carry the CE0120 quality mark, which means they are of high quality and comply with all strict European rules and laws. 

Discreet delivery

Hopefully choosing the right condoms is now a little more easier. Always really think about what you want. After all, you have the choice of condoms in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The products can be ordered easily and discreetly from Order on business days before 4 pm and your order will be processed and shipped the same day in an unrecognizable box or envelope to your specified address.

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